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Welcome to Arcadia Hotels, where your vacation turns into reality.

Arcadia Hotels chooses its hotels carefully, taking into consideration both the location and the uniqueness of the property. Our hotels are located in four of the incomparably beautiful locations in Israel: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Tiberias and Eilat. Whichever hotel you choose, you are guaranteed to have a marvelously restful holiday, personal service, and a luxurious experience – all of which ensure you a vacation to remember.

An Unforgettable Experience

Our hotels are luxuriously cozy, with spectacular views and an emphasis on service. Our guests' well-being and comfort is of paramount importance to us, thus all of our hotels have that special, intimate touch together with a "home away from home" ambience. We are devoted to our guests’ comfort, as each hotel has something unique that will pique your interest, soothe away your stress and ensure you with an experience to remember.

Quality Service and Maximal Comfort

Our staff is at your service to attend to your every need with a sunny smile and a pleasant disposition. We offer local and international cuisine; the gourmet meals offer a wide variety of specialties in all our facilities. The holiday atmosphere allows both families and couples to catch their breath and experience a revival of the spirit.

Arcadia’s Story

Arcadia Hotels was established in 1995 with the objective of offering guests a much-needed, comfortable break within an affordable budget. Each of our hotels is unique in its own way, but all offer the Arcadia Group’s particular welcoming atmosphere that is sure to charm you and your family. A vacation in one of the Arcadia hotels means comfort, relaxation and tasty cuisine at a reasonable price.
Arcadia Hotels, where your vacation truly begins. Schedule your vacation right now!
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